What People Are Saying About the New Book "Here I Am:  Using Jewish Spiritual Wisdom for Becoming More Present, Centered, and Available for Life" by Leonard Felder, PhD
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“Dr. Felder’s book is a very enjoyable and valuable guide that shows how Jewish spirituality can help us cope with those moments of intense stress that are part of every life.  I am particularly grateful that so much wisdom has been gathered together in one place in this book, and I will be recommending these remedies often to many people and with much enthusiasm.”
“Dr. Felder has a marvelous talent for illuminating profound wisdom teachings in a way that readers can understand personally and bring into their lives to nurture and deepen their own spiritual practices.   These 8 remedies are a well-designed guide to assist women and men in developing new ways to engage in subtle, simple energy-shifting methods during stressful moments when the normal difficulties of living bring daily challenges.  This is a wonderful offering for people from all walks of life.”
“For many years I’ve been seeking a way to center and be calm during the stressful moments that often fill my busy days.  Each time I’ve tried a dozen or more methods, I am hopeful at first.   But often I get disappointed by the lack of results over time.  So it has been a wonderful surprise and delight that Dr. Felder’s easy-to-use book has given me a new level of calm and strength that I’ve never known.  This book is a gift and I mean it when I say ‘gift’ because the effectiveness of these mindfulness methods have continued to help me day after day, long after I first explored the chapters and tried out two of the remedies he describes.”
--Rabbi Sally Priesand
The First Ordained Woman Rabbi
--Rabbi David Cooper
Author of “God is a Verb” and “The Handbook of Jewish Meditation”
--Connie Goldman
Award Winning Producer and Writer for
“All Things Considered” on National Public Radio
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