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Leonard Felder, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist in West Los Angeles who has written 12 books on Jewish spirituality and personal growth that have sold over 1 million copies and were translated into 14 languages.  His titles include “Seven Prayers That Can Change Your Life,” “The Ten Challenges,” “When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People,” “Fitting In Is Overrated,” “Wake Up or Break Up,” and “Making Peace with Your Parents.”   His new book is called “Here I Am:  Using Jewish Spiritual Wisdom to Become More Present, Centered, and Available for Life.”
Leonard Felder, Ph.D.

     He has been invited nationwide to lead discussions on the connection between Jewish texts and daily psychological dilemmas at 35 temples and synagogues, 14 Jewish book fairs, plus dozens of churches and interfaith events.  He has also appeared on over 200 radio and television programs, including Oprah, The Today Show, CNN, The CBS Early Show, NBC Nightly News, National Public Radio, Canada AM, and BBC London.

     Active in several volunteer organizations, he received the Distinguished Merit Citation of the National Conference of Community and Justice for developing innovative programs to combat racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious prejudice.  Dr. Felder’s books have also received numerous national awards, including the “1985 Nonfiction Book of the Year Award” from Medical Self-Care Magazine, “Best Jewish Writing 2002” from Jossey-Bass, “2008 Nonfiction Book of the Year” from Body and Soul Magazine, and “2008 Best 5 Psychology Books” from The Books for a Better Life Foundation in New York.

     Dr. Felder and his wife Linda Schorin, a visual artist, live in Mar Vista, California with their son Steven.   Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Leonard graduated with High Honors from Kenyon College in Ohio and worked in New York as the Director of Research for Doubleday and Company before completing his PhD in Psychology and becoming a therapist in Los Angeles.
“That was one of the largest crowds we’ve ever had for a literary event.  You were terrific not only with your depth and excellent teachings, but also with your humor and warmth.   It’s wonderful when someone so knowledgeable about Judaism is also so accessible and enjoyable to study with.  We can’t wait to have you back.”
--Joyce Lit, Jewish Book Fair Director, Austin, Texas
“The audience response at Grinnell was one of the best I have ever seen.  They were spellbound and you captured their hearts with your mixture of facts, insights, and humor.  Many students and staff have told me personally that your examples and your responsiveness to questions were extremely helpful and inspiring.”
--Steven Jones, Program Director, Grinnell College, Iowa
“I have the definition of a successful program-that is when students and faculty are still talking about your program a week later.  Several people have commented about how fascinating it was, especially your amazing breadth of knowledge of multiple spiritual and psychological traditions.  People loved your approach and I must concur it was a wonderful experience.”
--Caty Konigsberg, Inter-Religious Center, Occidental College, Calif.
“You received the highest feedback scores from the 1,200 audience members that we’ve ever had for one of our keynote speakers.  What a great combination of humor, helpful advice, and inspiration.”
--Dr. Benice Lindo, Program Chair, Calif. Assoc. of Family Therapists
“Thank you for a wonderful evening.  The feedback from the audience of all ages was overwhelmingly positive.  I am so sorry we didn’t order enough books because we didn’t fully realize what an engaging and inspiring speaker you would be.”
-Thelma Nied, Jewish Book Fair Director, Jacksonville, Florida
“I knew you were a good writer but I didn’t know what an amazing teacher and discussion leader you are.  The entire congregation was so thankful that these holy teachings and important life issues could be explored in such a warm and lively way.  Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and your caring heart to us.”
Rabbi Marc Sirinsky, Temple Emek Shalom, Ashland, Oregon
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